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Most wanted duty free shops in the world

In case you didn’t know until now, the most crowded and wanted beauty encounter shops in the whole world are the ones in Dubai, and this is something that recent studies are showing. Last year for example, shoppers have spent 1.14 billion dollars in duty free shops in Dubai, out of which 5% were spent exclusively in duty free shops within airports. What’s even more fascinating is that the sales level for the duty free shops in Dubai have surclassed Heathrow Airport in London and even Incheon in Seoul, both facing significant sales decreasing level in 2008 and 2009. Surprisingly enough, if we take into account the economic crisis that struck the whole world, sales for luxury goods have increased this year in the Middle East, up until near 2.5 billion dollars.

Only in Dubai, the duty free shops have provided in the first half of the year of 2010 an average profit of 607 million dollars, which is 16% increase compared to the same period of time the previous year. If you are a fan of duty free shopping, you should know also that there a few other key spots you should visit: Changi Airport in Singapore and Frankfurt-Main International Airport in Germany.

But what main idea can we derive out of these facts regardin duty free shops nowadays? First of all, it’s plain to see that online shopping nowadays is preffered by an increasing number of people, especially because it’s easier and cheaper than traditional shopping.  And if you somehow get the two things connected, you will much easily explain the emergence of online shops which offer tax free products. The prices at which these products are offered are just the same as the ones offered in duty free shops, and they can be really mind blowing sometimes. This kind of online stores offers a wide range of duty free products and in only a few minutes you can buy whatever you want and even have the products deliverd at your door.

Online websites offering duty free products have become more and more famous over the years, especially when you consider how much we enjoy shopping online and finding the best deals at the same time nowadays. The prices are more than affordable, which is one of the main reasons why this type of online business goes so well.  And the products offered at duty free prices are under no circumstances of lower quality. On the contrary, they are actually high quality products, and they vary from basic goods to luxury and internationally famous ones. Such products may include even skin care products, tobbacco, clothing and accessories, beverages and many more.

Choosing to shop from duty free locations, including online ones, will most surely offer you many advantages and the possibility to make some considerable money savings. Especially on the long run, it’s impossible not to see why choosing duty free products is such a great deal for you. At more than affordable prices you will be able to buy what you need and even more. After all, even if you can afford anything or if you have financial limitations, it’s clear that no one would ever mind buying products of the same quality but at a much lower price. Actually, in most parts of the world, whether they have or not duty free shops, this is one of the things people include in the activity of smart shopping, which basically means comparing prices and offers and looking for the best deals and discounts before purchasing most of what you want.

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